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Anna wants to make every day count!

Anna tries to stay busy during the day and do things that have a meaning. Like that she can feel great knowing her day was not spent in vain. Say hi to Anna if you want to seize the day with her:

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Anna might just be the girl of your dreams!

Anna is very confident when it comes to relationships, she's certain that she is everything that a man is looking for. Find out if it's true here:

Viktoria from AnastasiaDate is Just Perfect for You!

Viktoria from AnastasiaDate enjoys spending time doing needlework, knitting and drawing to make her home more beautiful and cozy. She'd definitely make the perfect housewife! Say hello here:

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Darina knows how to make love last!

Darina compares loving someone with caring for a garden: love it too much or too little and it dies, love it just right and it will last forever. Do you agree with her?

5 Common Mistakes When Dating a Woman from Ukraine Online - Woman from Ukraine
We admit that online dating is a little tricky because you don’t really see each other in the flesh and the means of communication you have, although different high-tech ways to communicate have been made available, is done only through voice, chat or video. It’s very limiting compared to offline dating. With that said, there are a million and one chances of making mistakes when dating someone on the internet.

Let’s say that you’re dating a woman from Ukraine. Let us illustrate the different ways you can make mistakes in your relationship with her:
  • You mostly talk about yourself.
Talking about yourself is a must when you’re dating online because it’s the only way for the other person to know you right, right? Just make sure that your conversations are not one sided. You should also show interest in knowing her side of the story. If you’re dating her then you’d want to know more about who she is. Ask her questions like how her day was, what her favorite thing to do during the weekend is, etc.
  • Thinking that she’s after a VISA.
It’s easy for anyone to think that all that Ukrainian girls are after is a VISA. It’s reasonable because of several horror stories they’ve read online. There have been a lot of rumors and stories that give Ukrainian girls a bad name but you have to remember that not all girls are like that. The one that you’re chatting with or dating may have genuine feelings for you so it’s important to keep an open mind.
  • Sending out photos of another person.
Tempting, it’s very tempting to take on a totally different persona than what you have now. It’s the online world and you can be anyone you want to be. You can reinvent yourself, be someone exciting, be someone talkative, be someone who’s adventurous, etc.

But, you have to remember that lies are lies and there’s nothing good that comes from that. And what if the time comes that you meet each other for the first time, what will you do then?
  • Thinking that she’ll be your trophy wife.
Ukrainian girls are individuals with aspirations and dreams. She will not accept that she’s going to be with you for the sole purpose of making you look good. Remember that these women have strong personalities so it’s highly likely that she will be rebelling when you show that all she really is to you is a trophy.
  • Making assumptions just by looking at a photo.
Sometimes, the problem with online dating is that we make assumptions in our head based on the limited things that we know about a person. A picture, for example, may tell you a few things but it doesn’t tell you everything. That’s why it’s important to be very careful that you don’t make false ideas about the Ukrainian woman that you’re dating based on a picture.

Juliya still believes in miracles!

Juliya is a dreamy girl who still believes in miracles. She always tries to make sure her dreams become reality. Find out what's next on her mind here:

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Nadejda does everything with great passion!

Nadejda from AnastasiaDate is a very passionate woman with many interests and hobbies. If you'd like to know more about her, say hi today:

Marina will make her man her number one priority!

Marina is a romantic woman who is looking for a loving man to take care of. She promises to make him her number one priority and she only needs unconditional love from him. Can you give her that?

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Your Next Step after Moving Your Russian Fiance to the States

Russian fiance
Congratulations if you’re reading this article because it possibly means that you’re about to move your Russian fiance to the United States to stay with you. The paperwork is finished and all you have to do is book the airplane ticket and she’s off! You’re probably thinking that it’ll be happily ever after once she sets foot on American soil but it’s actually just the beginning.

We hate to rain on your parade but there are a few more things that you need to do as soon as your fiance lands. As your Russian bride-to-be may be used to a completely different lifestyle, it's very important she has your full support.Our advice may seem very trivial but believe us when we say that these things will be essential for the success of your relationship.

1.    Explain how things are different.

Everything to her is new, right? So it’s best to sit her down (granted that she has average English skills) and set her expectations. Have a little heart to heart talk just to prepare her for her new everyday life in a new country. This can go wrong if you’re right there and then enforce the DON’Ts that you have. You’ll do it the right way when you simply show her that you’ll be there whenever she needs you to be – if she has questions or when she’s confused with something.

2.    Daily routines.

If it’s your fiances first time traveling outside of her country then she needs to have a routine to make adapting to her new surroundings easier. As a couple, it would be best if you brainstorm the typical day that you might have. For example, you go to work for 5-8 hours and she stays at home to do some of the housework. If this is what you plan to do then show her the ropes before leaving for work the next day. It’s not telling her what to do either because you should plan this as a couple.

3.    Communication and lots of it.

Be sure that you’re working on your communication skills as a couple on top of doing the other suggestions we gave. It’s essential that both of you listen and not just hear what the other person is saying. It’s important to try to understand what the other person is feeling, especially when frustrated. Keep your lines open because this fosters awareness and it just makes your relationship better. Period.

Make an Effort

All of these 3 items basically mean that you have to (like what we said earlier) support her until she adapts to her new life. This makes her transition easier, smoother and faster. You, as the man in the relationship, want to avoid letting her feel scared, alone and depressed now that she’s on a new chapter of her life.

Will you Give Your Soul to Anastasia?

Anastasia admires people who do what they love with passion and full energy. Are you willing to give your soul to this beautiful woman?

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Yana Wants to Find Real Love! Say Hi Today!

Glamorous Yana knows what is real heartache, but she hasn't given up on love yet. Show her that romance and true love still exists!

Could you be Tatyana's friend?

Tatyana reserves her true feelings and emotions for only the special people in her life. Could you become one of them?

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Olga wants to know if you are the man for her

Olga knows perfectly well what her future husband should be like: generous, forgiving, curious, compassionate. She promises to give all her love to a man like that. Are you the lucky guy?