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Is Eastern Europe Safe to Visit?

Is Eastern Europe Safe
There are a lot of blogs posts and news that recently came out concerning Eastern Europe and that has resulted in travelers having second thoughts about visiting the region. Are the claims true? Should you really worry about your safety when traveling to this part of the world? NO. That’s the best answer, because any country you travel to has some potential danger – that’s a fact. When you are mindful of the tips below, you’ll stay safe throughout your whole stay:

•    Avoid pubs when you’re a woman and you’re alone.

In Eastern Europe, women don’t generally travel by themselves. It’s considered uncommon and strange so when you are a woman traveling solo in Eastern Europe, it would be wise for you to stay away from pubs, bars or night clubs.

•    Stay away from drunk locals.

There are parts of Eastern Europe that this rule doesn’t really apply to because the locals are very friendly, but in places like Poland, it would be wise to stay away from locals who’ve had a little too much to drink.

•    Dim areas, avoid them when alone.

If you’re in a crowded tourists spot, no problem but dim areas when you’re alone should generally be avoided. This means alleys, hallways, streets and the like. Stay within well lighted areas where you can see a lot of people walking around.

•    Dress casually or comfortably.

It’s natural that everyone wants to look good when on vacation, but you’re going to be an obvious target if you wear an expensive looking ensemble. Just dress casually during the day time and maybe dress casually chic during the night when going out.

•    Know the language (at least the basics of it).

It’s always a good idea to bring along a guide book for the specific language of the city that you’re going to visit. Practice saying the phrases, so you can be prepared for emergencies. Most people in Eastern Europe have not had the chance to practice their English, so it’s better to have your language book handy.

Other General Tips

The best thing that you can bring when traveling to Eastern Europe or to any continent for that matter is not your compass, your guide book or extra money. It would be your common sense. It’s always a great idea to stay alert and follow your gut feeling – be mindful and aware of your surroundings. It’s alright to be side-tracked, especially when you’re enjoying yourself on a famous beach, museum or restaurant – that is totally understandable because you are on vacation. The main thing, though, is to know what’s happening around you and avoid situations where you know that your safety might potentially be compromised.

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Talking Topics: Things to talk about with a Russian Woman

AnastasiaDate Russian Woman
For today’s post, we are going to dive into what to talk about when chatting online or face to face with a Russian woman. You may have run out of topics in the past, but we’re going to give you a few more topics to talk about so you can keep the ball rolling, as they say. Most Russian women bore easily so you absolutely need to have a few extra topics in mind:

1.    Talk about Russia

This is the most obvious out of all the topics, don’t you think? Russians are proud people so if you ask the right questions, you can have them going on and on. For example, ask the girl you’re chatting with the city that she’s currently in. Once you have the answer, ask her a follow up question like the history of the city or famous people that used to live in that city. Another question that you can ask is: what is the most beautiful place to visit in Russia. Once you have her answer, tell her that you’d like to go on a romantic trip with her to that place. Tell her about what you might do, the dates you might go on, etc. It’s as simple as that.

2.    Talk about how pretty she is.

Now this topic may be a hit or a miss depending on how you deliver it. If your Russian girl is physically attractive, she might (not always) take pride in how she looks. Questions about her exercise routine or maybe beauty regimen are applicable. One obvious rule, though, is for you not to overdo it. When she talks about herself, just listen and then agree. When you find a weak spot, never address it because it’ll be your last conversation with her.

3.    Talk about her hobbies.

Every girl is different in terms of the type of hobbies that she has. For Russian girls, it could be hanging out with friends, going fishing, horseback riding and the like. It’s important to know what type of things she likes to do during her free time so you can see whether she’s an active, outdoor kind of person or the opposite – a bookworm that loves cozy cafes. You can ask her about different things that she would like to do OR you can introduce the concept of a “bucket list” (things that she would like to do before she kicks the bucket). This topic can lead you anywhere so be attentive!

There’s a whole lot more to talk about with Russian women but let’s stop with these three. Practically, you can talk about anything with a Russian female as long as you do not: 1. Insult her in any way, 2. Ask too personal questions (like questions about her ex-boyfriends), 3. Insult Russia in any way, 4. Make her feel embarrassed.

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