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Oksana is looking for someone to share her experiences with!

Oksana loves photography and traveling as it allows her to have new experiences. Do you share her passions? Let her know here:

Is Tatyana the One for You?

Tatyana has a determined mind when it comes to both love and her professional life. Is that what you admire in a woman? Let her know here:

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Let Kristina know you're the man for her!

Kristina wants to meet a man who notices all the little things around him. Tell Kristina that you're the kind of man here:

Elizabeth from AnastasiaDate wants to share her idea of a perfect first date with you!

AnastasiaDate lady Elizabeth loves listening to the sound of waves at night and gazing at the stars. Doesn't that sound like a perfect first date? Get to know her here:

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Gaze into Anna's Blue Eyes through AnastasiaDate's CamShare!

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Rufiya Wants to Share her Life with an Older Man. Are You the One for her?

Rufiya's looks are as exotic as her name; she certainly is the kind of girl you can lose your heart to! Her ideal man is someone older as she believes an experienced man will know how to treat a woman right. Try your luck here:

What Russians are Most Proud Of

AnastasiaDate - Russians
It’s a well-known fact that Russians are proud people. If you happen to date one or would like to date one in the future, it’s essential for you to know all these things, so you can: 1. Impress your favorite Russian woman with your knowledge of the things that she’s most proud of in her country and culture, 2. Know where she’s coming from and understand why she’s that proud.

We’ve compiled a short list for you to go through and we’ve included situations where you can apply this kind of knowledge. Let’s get started:

1.    Russians are most proud of the beauty of their country.

Russia is a very beautiful country, no doubt about it. The country is a mix of modern cosmopolitan cities and quaint towns that still have a little bit of the past left in them. It’s in this country where you’ll find castles set on rocks and vertical churches with bright striking colors and multiple domes.

How can you impress her with this information?

What city is your Russian girlfriend staying in now? Know the answer and then research all the beautiful things that you can find in that city. Take her to one if you’re physically there and dazzle her with all the information you know. If you both are just chatting online, tell her about the places you’d like to and then tell her all the information you know about it.

2.    Russians are most proud of their achievements.

Just like any other country in the world, Russia has a lot of achievements in the field of sports, science, literature, medicine, you name it. All you have to do is pick one field and then, again, do your research. You’ll find loads and loads of information about, for example, a certain Russian author or a Russian scientist.

How can you impress her with this information?

You can apply this anytime you’re having a conversation with your partner online. You can tell her about a Russian individual that you find most inspiring and then let her know why. Just remember to get your facts straight because she may know more about it than you. Pay attention to detail and sound like you’re really proud of the person you’re talking about.

3.    Russians are most proud of their attitude.

Each race of people has their own distinctive attitude. Russians are colonizers, adventurers and achievers. They like to think big and they like to do big projects. They feel very accomplished once a big project has been finished. The first man in space, for example, is a Russian and for them it was most likely to happen because of the never stopping, never giving up attitude that they have.

How can you impress her with this information?

Whenever your girl does something adventurous or outrageous, support her. Go with what she says and try to understand that the adventurous side of her is in her blood. Support is all you can do to really allow her to fall for you.

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Nataliya Might Just be Too Good to Be True!

They say good women are hard to find. That's certainly not true when it comes to Nataliya who is a kind and educated woman looking for her Mr. Right. If you value things like an adventurous mind and intuitive personality, contact Nataliya today to know more about her.

Share Your Dreams with Taytana from Yuzhnyy, Ukraine!

Ten years from now, Tatyana hopes to be happily married and have at least one child with the man she loves. Is that what you want too? Chat with Tatyana today to see if there's any chemistry between you:

What are Romance Tours?

Anastasia Date Romance Tours
You’re probably familiar with romance tours if you’ve been online dating for some time. A romance tour is a tour that men take to a specific country to meet potential ladies for a relationship – may it be a girlfriend or a future wife. These kinds of tours are arranged by online dating agencies and each one has its own special itinerary for the men to see the beautiful country that they are visiting as well as to meet several beautiful women of that country.


There are several countries included in these types of tours, but the most popular ones are held in Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines, China, Peru, and the Dominican-Republic. As you may know, these countries are very beautiful and the women looking for a boyfriend or a future husband are plentiful.


As mentioned earlier, attendees of these tours will have specific itineraries to follow. Included in these itineraries is what we call “Socials” where the men can meet pre-screened women. This is the perfect chance to meet women face-to-face and talk with them to get to know them better. This is not like speed-dating where you’ll have to sit at a table where a lady is. This is a free-mingling event with an atmosphere of a party. You can go around and talk to any girl that catches your interest. There’s usually good food, dancing, and sometimes even games.

Who approaches who will depend entirely on the atmosphere, but usually the number of women is higher than the number of men, so it’s highly likely that you will be approached FIRST by the ladies and not the other way around.

Cost and Inclusions

The cost for each tour will depend on the dating agency that you’ve signed up with. They are a bit on the expensive side but these days, dating agencies are allowing more flexibility to the budget of their respective clients. They’ve added the option of going on a full tour which includes everything from the airfare to the hotel transfers, land only tours which is basically the same as a full tour except for the airfare and the transfers, complimentary translating services and the like.

Success Rates

Success rates mean the successful meeting and pairing of a couple – maybe a successful relationship has blossomed or a marriage proposal resulted after the tour. Overall, with these types of tours, the success rates are high. There are several success stories that you can find online saying with the opening statement: “We met through a social”.

In all honesty, these types of tours could be a hit or a miss depending on the type of mindset you have, so your personal romance tour success will be dependent upon you.

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Olga is Not Afraid to Take Risks. Are You?

Olga's motto is "If there is no risk, there is no reward". Do you agree with her on her philosophy of life? If yes, find out what other admirable traits she has here:

Liliya Wants to Show You She's Special!

Liliya believes in love at first sight and that each person has a missing part they're destined to search for. Think she could be the one you've been looking for? Try your luck today!

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Meet Anna from AnastasiaDate in Spain this Summer!

Anna from AnastasiaDate enjoys traveling. She has already been to Italy and Greece and dreams of visiting Spain next. Heading to Europe this summer? Make plans for a romantic rendezvous here!

Elena Wants to Feel Like a Real Woman Next to YOU!

You will find everything you've ever wanted in Elena: she is sensual, likes sports and various outdoor activities AND her favorite food is pizza. Find out more about this stunning beauty here:

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Do You Have Things in Common with Beautiful Anastasia?

Anastasia is looking for a man who is adventurous yet a gentle family man at the same time. Find out if your goals in life match here:

Anastasia is Looking for Her Mr. Right on Is that YOU?

Though still young, Anastasia is ready for finding the man of her dreams and settling down to start a family. Let her know it's your wish too on