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Could You be the One for Alina?

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Tatyana Has Been Looking for a Man Like You!

Tatyana's dream man is someone who is loyal and faithful and has a good sense of humor. We think that sounds just like you!

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Nataliya likes everything that's unusual, hates routine and tries to make every day worth living. Don't you think she's just perfect for you?

What Not to Do During a First Date with a Russian Woman

Tips for a Successful First Date with a Russian Woman

Anastasia Date - First Date with a Russian WomanThe first date, for most people, is very crucial because it sets up a sneak peek into the potential relationship that can develop from this first date. As you may have already felt, the pressure is on. In Europe, however, the pressure during the first date may not be as immense as in the US since the European dating style is more natural and laid-back.

This may be the case but mistakes can still happen especially if you have been immersed in a totally different, non-European dating culture. We want to avoid mistakes and we want to do the exact opposite which is impressing the gorgeous Russian woman that we are with so, we’ve compiled a list of things that you absolutely must not do during a first date with a European woman:

1.    Do not talk too much about yourself.

Your life may be that interesting but, in any date, you have to allow the other person to also contribute to the conversation. Hogging the entire talk and making it more about you just seems too egoistic. Your conversation should be give and take – you say something about yourself, she listens and then vice versa.

2.    Do not take her somewhere fancy.

Remember when we said that dating in Europe is more natural? The atmosphere on your first date should also be “natural”. Let us expound more on that. Taking your European lady friend to the most expensive restaurant you can think if is just too much, too soon. Take her to somewhere more casual, a place where the both of you can be comfortable and have a real conversation in.

3.    Do not shower her with compliments.

Yes, this European beauty is just a sight for sore eyes but don’t tell her that too often. She knows that she’s beautiful so one or two compliments about her appearance will suffice. Spitting out compliments every hour is just overdoing it.

4.    Do not talk about past dates/past relationships.

Don’t get us wrong. These topics are more than appropriate when the relationship has progressed. But, they aren’t really appropriate for the first date. If this topic enters your mind, just skip it and move on to a lighter topic or a more general topic like travelling.

5.    Do not be a “YES” man.

It’s very tempting to just say yes to anything she says because you like her that much. BUT, know that when you do that, she’s going to lose interest very quickly. A Russian woman needs a man who can keep things interesting and sometimes saying no is part of that. The best approach to this is to give your own, real opinions about issues and topics that you’re discussing.

Mistakes Can be Avoided

You’ll see here that there are so many things that could go wrong during your first date with the European woman that you asked out. Don’t let these make you nervous though. These are just helpful tips to help you land a relationship with someone that you really like. The best thing to do so is to be comfortable in your own skin while avoiding the 5 things listed on here. Good luck with your date!

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Are You the One for Beautiful Maria?

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AnastasiaDate's Kristina Hope You Still Believe in Love

Kristina from hopes that no matter what your previous relationship experience was, you still believe in happiness and love. Do you?

The European Woman is just not that into you

AnastasiaDate European Woman
You’ve been talking to this wonderful European woman for quite some time now and you’re in cloud nine because slowly you feel that your heart is giving in and falling in love. All of a sudden, out of nowhere this woman disappears; no emails, no messages, nothing. Now, your left feeling like you didn’t read the signs right. You feel like you’ve been led on not knowing if you said something wrong or if she just wasn’t that into you.

If you’re no stranger to the world of online dating, you’ve probably experienced this situation once or twice. This may not be exactly how it went for you but the “oh, she has a boyfriend” and the “oh, she just wants to be friends” types of situations are still under this category.

In the future, to avoid getting your heart cracked, chipped or broken, here are a few signs that you need to watch out for and what to do about them:

•    She tells you about her love problems. 
You’ve been talking about general things for the past few weeks and then this gorgeous European woman, all of a sudden, tells you about this one guy she’s really interested in. STOP RIGHT THERE. You have been put in the friend zone. What do you do about it? Ask her plain out if she is interested in you in “that” way. There’s really no other way to say it.

•    She’s not as flirty as you expected. 
Did you know that online dating (corresponding online, meeting online, etc.) gives the two people involved a sort of intimate connection with each other? A study has shown that you can feel like you’ve known the person for a while through online dating even if you only met a week ago. Having said this, at some point in your conversation it is inevitable that a few flirtatious lines will be thrown here and there. If this hasn’t happened yet it’s probably because she’s shy or she’s just not that into you. What do you do about it? Flirt with her and see what her reaction is.

•    She wants to introduce you to her friend. 
She’s going to keep you all to herself at the beginning if she really likes you; that’s the main point. She’s going to want more of you – more of your time, more conversations together, etc. When a European woman tells you that she has a friend who she wants to introduce you to, you get the idea. What do you do about it? There are a lot more fish in the sea!

This is the tricky part when it comes to online dating. You can never tell if a person is truly interested in you or if she just wants to be friends, given that you have never spent time with the person physically. There are a lot more signs but just remember to be honest because, most of the time, European women will tell you flat out if they like you or not.