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5 More Ways to Impress Russian Women with Your Dating Profile

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As you might know, European women are not that easy to impress, because you’d have to have a certain type of approach depending on what kind of woman you’re going to interact with. Some may have a hard exterior to crack, but once you break that barrier, it will be easy as pie. You might need to appear cold to some in order to show that you’re playing hard to get, etc.

But is there any way to display this kind of demeanor through your online dating profile? Yes, yes, and yes. Here are a few things that you can improve in your online dating profile to make it more attractive to European women:

1.    “Hey there! I’m the one for you! We’ll tour all over the world and you’ll be my princess.”

These may not be the exact words you have on your profile, but if you have something written there that sounds as cocky or as superficial as this, delete it. Replace it with something more natural, suave and toned down. When approached in person, most women do not like that whole “I’m a social person” vibe that most Western men have going on. Delete it if you do not want to sound like a jerk.

2.    Take an artsy photo of yourself to show off your creativeness.

Most Ukraine and Russian women are educated and they are more inclined to art, fashion, literature, etc. To catch their attention, upload a portrait of yourself in black and white. How the photo was taken doesn’t matter. Just make sure that it’s saying something interesting about yourself and showing off your creative side.

3.    Mention the places you’ve traveled to.

It’s a plus if you let others know that you are well-traveled. It makes you more interesting because it means that you have a lot of knowledge about foreign places. This can be a good conversation starter for you if you do get the chance to correspond with a Russian or Ukrainian woman. If you haven’t traveled anywhere yet, the solution is to start traveling OR replace this part with something that shows you are equally as interested in other arts like music and poetry.

4.    Be straightforward with what you’re looking for.

European women like men who go directly to the point. If you’re just looking for something that’s not serious, be sure to tell the girl that before the situation escalates. Be specific with what you want in your profile whether it is marriage, a long-term relationship that eventually leads to marriage, casual dating, or something else.

That Should Do It!

We only gave you a few tips but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just remember one key thing before you write your profile: portraying a false confidence is a turn off. Whatever you put in your profile, remember that you have to be yourself with a touch of nonchalance. We hope you find the European girl of your dreams sooner or later!

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Debunking Stereotypes of European Women

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At some point, everyone has believed a stereotype or two about Eastern European women. The truth is, there certainly are stereotypes that are true but this post is not about that. Today, we are going to debunk the most common misconceptions (or stereotypes) that are geared towards European women in general. Because we want to uphold every woman in Europe, we thought that we’d debunk more of the negative stereotypes that give them a bad name. Let’s get started:

Stereotype #1: European women come from poor backgrounds.

This is totally false. Very much like every other population in the world, there are poor areas and there are rich areas. Some European women do come from poor regions, but many of them come from an upper class or middle class background. If you look at the profiles of European women on any online dating site carefully, you’ll be able to tell what class these women belong to.

Stereotype #2: European women are very uptight and traditional.

This is totally false, again. On the contrary, European women are as interesting as any other woman in the world, perhaps even more interesting. They may be traditional to some degree, but not all women bare the emotionless expression on their face like the stereotype says.

Stereotype #3: European women like to drink – a lot.

This is another not so accurate stereotype. While it’s true that Russian and Ukrainian women do love to drink Vodka and Italian women do love wine, it doesn’t mean that they make a fool of themselves because of too much intoxication. European women, collectively, do love to drink but normally they do not drink in excess.

Stereotype #4: Eastern European women want to go to the US to flee from their country.

Not true. Bear in mind that each and every European female has a sense of pride of the country that she was born in. They may not like some parts of their lives, but the country and the heritage they were born into is a big deal to them. You’ll find that most women would prefer to stay rather than go. If given the choice, chances are she’ll probably raise her children in her home country.

Stereotype #5: European women only want money from foreign men.

Not true to the highest level. If this were true, a lot of online dating sites wouldn’t have millions of success stories. It’s not that women from Europe gravitate to foreign men more because they think foreign men are richer. In fact, some men might like Asian women just like some women might like foreign men – it’s a matter of preference.

However, the inescapable truth of opportunistic women still existing still remains, but this doesn’t mean that all women have the same evil intention.

Let’s Stick to 5

Let’s just stick to these 5 stereotypes. These should clear the air and change your perspective of European women in general. It’s always best to get to know the person first rather than believing common stereotypes that might not be true.

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