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Aliona from AnastasiaDate loves ball room dancing

Aliona from AnastasiaDate, has many talents and one of them is ball room dancing. She's been doing it since she was five years old. Willing to take her center stage? Tell her yourself here

Friday, June 13, 2014

Share your favourite music with AnastasiaDate's Anastasia!

Anastasia adores listening to music - especially the romantic kind. Discuss your favorite artists here:

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Do you know how to make women happy? Let Alla know today!

Anastasia Date lady Alla would much prefer a simple man who knows how to make a woman happy. If you fit this description, tell her more about yourself here: Relationship Advice - Dating Russian Women

Clichés About Dating Russian Women - Dating Tips

Dating Russian women - it's what most men from different parts of the world dream about. It's no wonder that these men have this kind of desire because women in Russia are considered to be on the top 5 list of the most beautiful women in the world. Aside from being beautiful, these women are also fierce, smart and sexy; what else do you need in a girlfriend or a potential wife? Indeed, these Russian beauties are, what you would call, the whole package, but is there truth to the clichés that we've heard about Russian dating? can explain it all!

Myth #1. Russian Girls are Submissive

Half true. In most blogs, Russian girls are portrayed as being entirely submissive and prefer being dominated by their partners. On the contrary, these Russian beauties are actually assertive in everyday life. They can be pushy at times, but it's because they know what they want.

This doesn't mean that they are overpowering as partners though. The truth is, when you're dating Russian girls, they expect to be wooed - for you to open the door for them, walk them home, give them flowers and so on. They're hopeless romantics but they're also driven, motivated and want to succeed in life.

Myth #2. Russian Girls Love To Drink

Half True. Russians in general are not alcoholics, but there's a higher chance that they will out-drink you any day of the week. It's been proven that Russians have a higher alcohol tolerance, but that doesn't mean that your girl is a drunkard. Just be prepared to consume as much alcohol as your date is.

Myth #3. Russian Girls Like Smoking

Half True. It may come as a surprise to you but most people in Russia smoke, so there's a higher chance for your girl to be a smoker too. Not everyone smokes, of course, but it is an activity that's pretty common to the majority of the population.

Myth #4. Russian Girls are Proud

True. Yes, it's true that most Russian beauties are very proud, especially when it comes to their motherland. Most people might think that Russia is an "OK" place to live in, but these women will prove you wrong and tell you that it's the greatest!

Try your hand at dating Russian beauties on AnastasiaDate and experience it yourself!

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Anastasia Date Ladies - Alexandra from Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Alexandra is one of the many Anastasia Date ladies who love to read. Tell her what your favorite entertainment is:

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Olga's life is incomplete without love and a family..

Olga is a blue-eyed betty from who's mature enough to realize that a life without family and love is senseless and incomplete. Do you agree with her?

Monday, June 9, 2014's Android App Helps Members Remain Connected Using Live Chat on the Go

Anastasia Date's Live Chat feature is more popular than ever as single men and women use the dating app to stay connected.

Premier international online dating website reported an increased use of its Live Chat feature, as online couples stay connected even while on the move, thanks to the site's mobile application. The app is widely used by dating enthusiasts and has given a huge boost to inter-cultural conversations.

The new dating application version 3.1 has been updated by Anastasia Date to include several of their exciting services and features, like Live Chat, CamShare, Search, Email Correspondence, and more. Singles can now stay connected with some of the most beautiful women in the world using the Android application.

Because mobile application technology affects many aspects of our lives today, AnastasiaDate takes pride in being one of the first services to bring this innovative technology to the international dating industry.

The mobile dating app is breaking new records when it comes to the number of downloads as thousands of members have already downloaded the application and are using it to spend more time on the website to look for love and romance. One of the services that has seen an increase in usage after the introduction of the dating app is Live Chat, which is a great way to start private conversations with gorgeous ladies who are online. It is not necessary to download any software to use this feature as dating enthusiasts can contact their favorite ladies right from the site by clicking on the Live Chat tab.

Members registered with the portal can use the mobile application to log on to the site and browse ladies who are online and ready to converse in real time. The application can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. AnastasiaDate's expectations that the application will become an important part in enriching the love lives of single men has certainly come true as it helps facilitate romantic relationships with sophisticated and beautiful women, regardless of their geographical location.

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AnastasiaDate lady Olga is here to brighten your days!

#Anastasia Date's Olga has got a great smile on her which shows off her cheerfulness. Find out if her smile can brighten your day: