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Can YOU Make Elena Laugh? Tell Her Your Best Joke Today!

Elena of is hoping that her "Mr. Right" has a good sense of humor. Get to know her better and make her laugh here:

See if You Can Unlock the Heart of This Ukraine Beauty..

Olga from Kharkov, Ukraine says that not every man can read her soul. Try your luck at opening her #heart and getting to know more about her:

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AnastasiaDate Beauty of the Day - Meet Elena!

The captivating Elena of AnastasiaDate may not look like it, but she loves cooking and housekeeping. Get to know this caring and supportive soul today:

Alla from Anastasia Date Only Likes Intelligent Men.

The gorgeous Alla from Anastasia Date is a nurse who wants someone she can have intellectual conversations with. Chat with her now to share your opinion on world events:

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Share Your Story with Daria on

Daria is a cheerful woman who loves exploring the different sides of life. She would like to hear your story here:

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European Beauties on AnastasiaDate - Anastasia from Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Anastasia is a green-eyed sweetheart who's looking for a good-natured soul. You might have a lot in common. See for yourself here:

The Beauty of Alisa is Sure to Make You Smile..

Ukrainian beauty Alisa believes that love begins with a smile. Flash a smile her way and see if you hit it off:

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Looks Can Be Deceiving - This Beauty Loves Fishing and Camping!

It may not be obvious, but's Ekaterina loves fishing, camping and spending time outdoors. Find out if you can teach her something new:

AnastasiaDate Dating Tips: The Truth About Russian Dating Sites

Myths About Russian Dating Sites - Explained by AnastasiaDate

Russian dating sites, or other online dating sites for that matter, are now very common in modern day society. A lot of people have already experienced how online dating works and many of them met their current partner this way. The rest of the population, however, is still hesitant to give it a try because they've heard a lot of misconceptions about online dating. AnastasiaDate has compiled a list of the most common myths.

Myth 1: Russian Dating Sites Publish Fake Photos

When you visit Russia, you'll see that the majority of the women there are very beautiful - golden hair, pink cheeks, sexy figures. Not all single women from Russia look like goddesses, of course, but majority of them really do. When these gorgeous women sign up to online dating sites, they easily get featured and published.

Other women who have been married, women who are older than 40 and so on also sign up to Russian dating sites, but these sites sometimes have strict criteria that a woman needs to meet if she wants her profile to be featured/published. The criteria might include age, beauty, language abilities and so forth.

Myth 2: Most Russian Dating Sites Are Scams

It's undeniable that there are Russian dating sites that only want to scam you out of your money, but not all are like that. In fact, trustworthy Russian dating websites have anti-scam policies that protect you from scammers. is a perfect example of a dating website with strict rules for all women wanting to join the site.

If the dating site that you're planning to sign up with has this type of policy then it's probably a keeper. You have to read every word of the policy carefully, of course, so you can know that you're safe.

Myth 3: Russian Dating Sites Only Care about Money and NOT their Customers

While it's true that using online dating services costs money, it's a myth that the dating sites only care about the money they make and not at all about their customers. Good dating sites like Anastasia Date have developed and designed their portals keeping their members in mind to ensure their customers get the best possible dating experience.

Businesses like this spend a good deal of money on regularly updating the sites and managing their anti-scam programs to make sure that only real women looking for love can become members.

Travel the World with AnastasiaDate Lady Anna!

AnastasiaDate's very own Anna likes to watch movies and dreams about visiting other countries. Want to know where she'd like to travel? Find out here:

Share a Smile with Ukrainian Beauty Alisa

Ukrainian beauty Alisa believes that #love begins with a smile. Flash a smile her way and see if you hit it off: