Thursday, August 21, 2014

Marrying Customs in Romania - Marrying Romanian Women
Marriage is one pivotal point into someone’s life. To men it is something serious, the real no turning back moment, but to women it is like a whimsical fairy tale coming true, especially for women who have been raised in traditional cultures such as Romania. Romania is an interesting country because they have unique norms. Getting married in Romania may give you a medieval era vibe because of the beautiful wedding locations.  But first, you must know your fiancé well before getting hitched. So here’s a few tips to think of before tying the knot with a Romanian lady:

Romanian Women

Romanian girls are definitely pretty. But as normal as everyone else, there will always be a good and a bad side when it comes to attitude and behavior. Regardless of the status in life, most of them are well educated, respectful and independent. Since they are family oriented, they like men who will cherish and respect them, and of course someone responsible who will be a good provider for their future family. On the other side, they are quirky when it comes to courtship. They would always want flowers on a date, or a little something to impress them. Some may be rude because they’re particular with punctuality. They don’t want you to be late and to top it all, Romanian women are particular with wallets. They would expect that a generous man will have two wallets in his pocket, just in case he loses the other one.

Church or Civil

When you are confident and sure of marrying your Romanian lover, you must consider that civil marriages are highly prioritized. It’s basically a simple ceremony between you and your loved one, with a few witnesses and a judge or any government official. But if you want a church wedding, that can really be romantic on the girl’s part. Marrying her in a church may simply express that you are really into her and that you want everyone else to know that you took the liberty and pride to show her off in front of everyone. Namely, the custom in Romania requires you to invite all family members on both sides; which also includes friends of the bride.

Future plans

Considering that you are a foreigner, you must discuss your future plans before the onset of the wedding. Romanians are family oriented and for most of their lives, they have lived with each other under one roof until either a daughter or a son gets married. Therefore, deciding on whether you should go back to your home country or not is important. On the other hand, your wife will really appreciate it if you have your own house or apartment; in this case she may feel free to live alone with you.

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