Thursday, August 7, 2014

How is a Russian Woman Different from Other European Women?

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Most Russian women are beautiful, elegant, well spoken and charming. These are also the very traits that most foreign men think of when talking about Russian women. They are true but sometimes because of cultural differences, one might think otherwise, so for today’s post, we are here to shed some light on a few common differences that you might want to take note of when you are or want to date a Russian woman:
  • Russian women are frank. Very frank.
Western women also have the same characteristic, but the number of Russian women that have this type of trait is greater. Rarely will you hear Russian women sugar-coating words so they can break it to you gently. Expect them to say whatever they do not like about you out right. Take note, this, to them, is not at all rude.
What to do about it

To her, she was just being honest but to you, it was an insult. Now what? Tell her honestly that it’s a mere cultural difference, but you would prefer if she was more considerate to your feelings. Be honest with her as well!
  • Russian women are very proud. Russian pride forever!
Don’t even think about saying something undesirable about Russia or anything in it. Women from Russia are very proud of their country, their culture and their traditions. If you have your two-cents about the current president who’s running the country, better say it in a way that doesn’t sound insulting. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that you cannot express your own opinion, just be respectful about it. If you don’t, you will taste her wrath.

What to do about it

If you, in any way, insulted her country, her culture, and her traditions without even knowing it, simply apologize and explain that you didn’t mean it that way. It could just be a misunderstanding because of the language barrier.
  • Gentlemen open doors. It’s rude not to.
In Russia, one way for you to show your breeding, education and gentlemanly manners is to open a door for a lady. It’s that simple but it’s important. Along with opening doors, you can also add helping her with her coat, helping her sit and many other gestures. It’s a cultural difference, but it’s a Russian gesture that you must take note of, especially when you want to marry a Russian woman.

What to do about it

If she feels like you’re not being a gentleman because you didn’t do this or you didn’t do that specifically, apologize and explain. After that, do your research about what is considered gentlemanly in Russia to avoid the next incident happening.
  • Russian women dress to kill, even when going to the supermarket.
Fact: Russian women like to dress up. Fact: Russian women like to dress up even when they go to the supermarket. Russian women know how to take care of themselves and you should be thanking your lucky stars for this because it means that they’ll always look nice wherever you go. It’s far from the Western fashion culture of t-shirts, sweat pants and sneakers.

What to do about it

Your girl looks amazing on those heels and she’s just going for a walk. If you don’t mind this then by all means pass her a few compliments.

Don’t Sweat the Differences

It’s good to know what differences you have with your Russian lady culturally. These, however, are not barriers to your relationship. Just keep in mind that the disagreements you have because of these cultural differences serve as challenges to make you both more patient and more understanding, thus making the relationship stronger.

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