Thursday, July 10, 2014

Understanding the Character of an Eastern European Woman

Anastasia Date Eastern European Woman
The online dating world has made a pedestal for Eastern European women to stand on. In recent years, a lot of people from the United States and other parts of the world have discovered that Eastern European women have a lot of amazing traits that make them very “date-able”. It is because of this that we have compiled a list of general characteristics of them so you can gauge how compatible you are to one:

They are Intelligent

The word “bimbo” will never be a fit word to describe any woman from Eastern Europe. Most of them are more inclined to arts, literature, and various other topics (maybe even politics) so you’d have to be “on your feet” when engaging in a conversation with someone from that region. She can lose interest fast if she doesn’t find you or your conversation interesting or intellectually stimulating.

They are Straight Forward

If you have a problem with this, then it’s best that you stay away from dating a foreign woman all together. If you admire this quality in a woman, then go ahead by all means. This, however, is most of the time seen as something of a negative especially if the man comes from a culture of false politeness.
They Know Their Roles in the House

It’s no secret that Russian and Ukrainian women acknowledges their role in the household. They’ve grown up seeing their mother take care of the entire family and so, despite the influence of modern day values, they are expected to be the same when they have families of their own. Do not mistake this as being subservient because there’s a huge difference.

They are Ambitious

This may sound contrary to the previous one but generally speaking, European women are very ambitious. It could be family-wise or career-wise. They can go above and beyond to further their interest, your interest as a couple and the interest of your family (or your future family to be exact). This is why they seek for other opportunities in different parts of the world (like finding a foreign husband, for example), because they want to rise above their current circumstance.
They are More Mature

If you compare a 20-year old Russian woman to a woman of the same age from America, you’ll find that the level of maturity is very different. Most Eastern European women have had to do chores, take care of the household and their families at a young age to so maturity arrives earlier. This is why you would commonly find young women (as young as 19) on online dating sites looking for a husband. They feel mature enough and ready to take on family life.

How’s your compatibility looking?

So what do you think about the different traits of women from East Europe so far? Do you think that you can be compatible to one in the future? There might be differences in your cultures, but if you make the effort to go beyond that, you’ll actually find that these women make good girlfriends and, eventually, wives.

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